Beautiful Legacy Inc. is a 501c3 organization designed to provide young ladies ages 8-22 with access to the tools and resources necessary to achieve social, spiritual, financial, and academic success. The goal is to help each young lady achieve overall and individual success in all areas of her life. Beautiful Legacy Inc. has developed programs to meet the needs of the young women and help them acquire success on all levels. It is our belief that you must cater to all aspects of the young lady in order to help her reach optimal success and live the fullest life. 



Upon completion of our program we guarantee the following three things:


1. Tools for a higher self-esteem. We promise that after each young lady has completed our program she will have a better understanding of her self-worth and value herself at a greater level. We will give her the support, resources, and tools she needs to think of herself in the highest regard and love the person she is inside and out.


2. Her mindset will shift. We help each young lady go from an "I think I can" attitude to an "I know I can attitude". We teach all of our young women that anything can be accomplished with a little hard work, dedication, and the right mindset.


3. Ability to set goals and achieve them. We teach our young women how to set SMART goals and give them the tools and resources needed to accomplish those goals. We show our girls that you can aspire to be anything and there are no limitations to the possibilities of what you can do.  

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