Not able to attend one of our events or be a part of our programs no problem we can bring our workshops to you. The workshops are great for schools, churches, nonprofits, girls groups, and other community organizations. The workshops are fun and interactive and provide a variety of activities. Each workshop can either be held individually or be combined with one or more workshops with the exception of Powerfully Poised. You tell us the length of time you would like it to last and we customize the workshop accordingly. These workshops help us to build an ongoing support network and community of beautiful legacies. 



Loving the Me I See: This workshop is all about teaching the young ladies self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-assurance. It will lead the young ladies down a road of self-discovery in order to understand the importance of loving herself and who she is. It will empower them to look beyond the world’s idea of beauty and discover those qualities that make her beautiful and unique.



Why Not You?​: Is a workshop is to help young women understand the importance of goals and dreams and how to achieve them. This workshop will use journaling, life mapping, goal setting, creating a vision board, and an action plan as well as one on one guidance from mentors.


I’m Worth It: A workshop dealing specifically with abstinence and sexual education. It will also deal with loving one’s self, self-worth, health, beauty, dating, relationships, peer pressure and more.



Fit & Fabulous: This workshop is designed to address health, fitness, and beauty. This workshop will deal with things such as importance of eating right, exercising, beauty tips and the importance of image.


Powerfully Poised: This is a two-part workshop all about etiquette which includes topics on knowing the right utensils to use at dinner, posture, and communication skills. This workshop is done in two parts first in a classroom setting and then in a restaurant. This is a full day workshop and cannot be combined with any others.



I’m a Boss: This workshop will discuss entrepreneurship and the importance of leadership. It will discuss characteristics of a good leader, public speaking, effective communication, resume writing, interview skills, branding, dressing for success and more. It will help the young ladies to be empowered and understand the entrepreneurial spirit in all of them.



Runway Fierce: This workshop will discuss fashion and the importance of dressing for every occasion. It will give the young women styling tips, fashion tips, and more. It will help them know how to dress for their body type, in the right season, and more.



Express Yourself: This workshop teaches young women how to express themselves through the arts such as writing, poetry, music, drama, visual arts, and dance. It will teach them how to use these things not only as outlets but also a way to get their voices heard and express themselves.



Miss Independent: Is a workshop that will discuss the impact of money on an individual’s life. It will teach the young ladies how to be good stewards over their money and the importance of giving, saving, and investing. It will also discuss credit cards, loans, balancing a checkbook, understanding your paycheck and more.









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